News Rated Among “Top 50 Chinese Enterprises with Highest Growth Value”

Recently, in the “2016 Top 50 Chinese Enterprises with Highest Growth Value” Chart jointly released by CVInfo and iResearch,, a well-known internet finance company in China, by virtue of its outstanding performance and market recognition in the field of financial technology, rose above many competitors and was successfully ranked among the top 50 enterprises with highest growth value.


The enterprises that made it to the chart with include Zhihu, Bilibili,, Himalaya and other such enterprises which are in leading positions in their respective fields.


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CEO of Soul Htite: World Internet Conference will Promote China’s Financial Technology to the World

The 3rd World Internet Conference was held from November 16 to November 18 under the theme “Innovation-Driven Internet Development for the Benefit of All – Building a Community of Common Future in Cyberspace”. Differing from the previous two editions of the World Internet Conference, this edition featured an emphasis on financial technology. The subject was touched upon in various forums on topics such as the digital economy, internet+inclusive finance etc. Regarding this change, the leader of the domestic financial technology market, Soul Htite, Founder and CEO of, believes that the gradual rise of financial technology, which has replaced internet finance since the time it entered hibernation after a tightening of policies, is a small spark capable of setting an entire field ablaze. A clear trend in this edition of the World Internet Conference is the government’s active support for innovations in the financial industry and the financial technology revolution that is developing rapidly in China.


Apart from the various new and high-technology products in this World Internet Conference, much attention was placed on the “Internet+Inclusive Finance” forum that concerns hundreds of millions of ordinary people. has been effectively meeting the financial needs of people outside the traditional financial system by using international cutting-edge online lending technology. With its “Group Investing – TuanTuanZhuan” as an example, has established a collection of financing demand information that meets the lending standards of the same type of lenders. Through the real-time matching transaction service function, loan funds are spread out to match the massive loan demands that meet the lending standards of the lenders, thus enabling investors to diversify their investments with a better peace of mind and facilitating lower-cost financing for borrowers.


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Each November, leaders in the event tech industry come together for the exclusive Event Technology Awards, where event tech vendors are recognized for building outstanding products capable of improving the work of event organizers and marketers.


In past years Bizzabo has had the honor of winning the two most prestigious awards – “Favourite Event Technology Supplier – People’s Choice Award” and “Best Event Management Software”. This year Bizzabo was shortlisted for 5 awards and thanks to thousands of votes, won the most recognized award of “Favourite Event Technology Supplier” for the second year in a row!


This year, new tools like Session Registration, and Hot Leads have made it easier for customers to manage complex event agendas and to increase their number of event registrants. Integrations with platforms like Salesforce, Slack, Mailchimp and Tint have helped customers to use data more efficiently and to communicate with team members more effectively.


Graduway convenes its Global Leaders Summit 2016 at the University of Oxford

Graduway, the leading provider of alumni networking platforms, convenes its fourth Global Leaders Summit (GLS).


GLS 2016 is being held at the University of Oxford with an expected capacity crowd of 250 delegates.


Leaders from more than 20 countries, and across both academic and corporate institutions, will gather to discuss global best practice in alumni relations and to hear about the future opportunities and challenges facing the profession.


GLS 2016 is proud to host over 20 speakers from some of the world’s leading institutions including the University of Toronto, St. John’s International School, Brunel University London, the Holderness School, University College London, the University of Oxford, Johns Hopkins University, University of Southern California, Grenzebach Glier and Associates, Blackbaud, LinkedIn,, University of Pennsylvania, Longwood University, Curran Consulting Group, Emojiee Consultancy and Hult International Business School.

YouTube Is Helping to Sell a Lot of Makeup

The brainchild of a YouTube sensation, Ipsy is bringing in $150 million a year.


With 2.2 million followers on Instagram and 3.1 million on Facebook, Phan is a beauty dynamo. The launching point of her empire is a YouTube channel, where she has amassed 8.7 million subscribers since 2006. The 29-year-old former waitress came into prominence as a result of her channel, where she shared tips on how to take a selfie and how to fix shattered blush. Since becoming one of the most followed beauty vloggers on the site, she has walked the fine line between the earnest beauty product recommendations that first gained her a following and her burgeoning businesses. Among her commercial interests are the beauty-box subscription service Ipsy, a makeup line called em by Michelle Phan, and the lifestyle network Icon.


Phan has an uncanny ability to create buzz and turn it into profit. Ipsy has raised more than $103 million in venture capital funding since it was founded in 2011; it has been profitable for more than three years, and its annual revenue is $150 million. It’s also talked about a lot more than main rival Birchbox these days, according to new data from Crimson Hexagon.


“Partnering with creators on YouTube and Instagram has been part of Ipsy’s strategy from the very beginning,” said Ipsy President Jennifer Goldfarb. “We believe that digital content creators are the new source of inspiration in beauty and have become the biggest influence in consumer’s purchasing decisions.”


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