GooodJob’s 8 Tips to Get Most Out of Your Diversity Referral Program

Employee referral programs have turned out to be one of the best and most effective ways of finding talent and hiring an army of the best talent. Even companies, both big and small are encouraging employee referral. There are various social networks like LinkedIn which are gaining popularity as employee referral networks. John Sumser mentions in one of his article, that though employee referral programs are good, but they aren’t powerful enough to change the tide of corporate culture; or assemble a workforce that has new or diverse skill set; or promote and build diversity environment. He further points out that companies should understand that employees might not be able to make the best choice while making a referral. Employees who are new to the ERPs could also refer candidates with quite similar skill sets, which can lead to a phenomenon known as ‘inbreeding

During Q4 2013 ipsy grew their subscriber base from 200,000 at the end of September to 250,000 at the end of December

During Q4 2013 ipsy grew their subscriber base from 200,000 at the end of September to 250,000 at the end of December. Growth is expected to remain strong and the company is forecasting to double the program to well over 500,000 subscribers by the end of 2014.

Based on the strong results of the company’s video flash sales events – ipsyMe – tests and continued growth of the Glam Bag business, ipsy opened a 2,800 sq ft studio facility, as well as hired 11 content professionals. The goal of ipsyStudios is to create video content for ipsyMe, improve the quality of the Glam Bag offering, deliver on value added services for partner brands and reinforce ipsy’s brand. ipsyStudios is expected to ramp up to 16 ipsyMe events per month by the end of 2014.

SpeakingPal Takes a Single-Screen App to Multiscreen with AllJoyn

Israel-based SpeakingPal Ltd has created a multiscreen educational app with three functions: camera – to stream educational content between a mobile device and a smart TV in real time; microphone – to encode/decode interactive audio (for speech recognition) and video remote control – to navigate the app UI displayed on a smart TV through the mobile device. To help language-learners improve their English, the app uses the AllJoyn™ software framework from Qualcomm Innovation Center, Inc. and the Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ S4 Prime processor.

Startup Stories: Shaunie Shammass from SpeakingPal

A brief overview of the company, talking with Dr Shaunie Shammass, VP Linguistic Innovation. As the world goes mobile/BYOD, technological innovation needs to be guided by what is really needed in the marketplace and produce self-learning or blended solutions that can be easily adopted as well as remain ‘sticky’ for end users. Making learning a natural, fun and engaging experience raises motivation, “stick-to-itness”, and the willingness to actually do the review and practice that is necessary to improve .

Bizzabo launches Web experience to help you pre-plan your conference networking

Bizzabo is the ultimate social & mobile platform for event organizers and attendees. Bizzabo integrates social media to build highly-interactive event communities, helping organizers, sponsors and exhibitors to engage directly with guests and seek out meaningful new business opportunities. Organizers use Bizzabo to mobilize their event information, increase discoverability and word of mouth. The platform has been incorporated into thousands of events worldwide. Since July of 2012, Bizzabo has been working to become a mainstay for event coordination. It used to be an app-only experience that allowed attendees to check-in, see who’s there (through LinkedIn integration), and check the conferences’ events. Its mainstay feature, though, is its networking capabilities, which allows conference attendees to skim one another’s profiles and connect accordingly .