Kevin Guo explains how Dianrong went from 2 to 2,800 staff


Kevin Guo, co-CEO of, now one of China’s leading online finance companies, launched the peer-to-peer lender only four years ago with partner Soul Htite, co-founder of American P2P company Lending Club. Now he employs 2,800 people across 26 offices in China, and he’s still recruiting.


Aided by crowd-funding finance from Silicon Valley, Guo and Htite started building a management team. “We didn’t have experience recruiting and managing hundreds of staff, so we hired senior people from the banking sector to help us expand step by step.”


Dianrong and rival online lenders such as Alibaba’s Ant Financial and Tencent’s WeBank are tapping growing demand from consumers and corporates who would otherwise struggle to get finance from traditional banks. Guo says the sector’s growth means it hasn’t been difficult to hire 2,800 people over the past four years. Of the current headcount, about 2,000 work in sales, 400 in technology, and the remainder in call centres and support roles.


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