Investing in fine wine to beat the pandemic wobble


Speaking to the UK Investor Magazine, Vindome Consultant and Master of Wine, Roderick Smith, MW, offered his insight into investing into an asset he thinks has the ability to ride out economic instability.

He says that fine wine emerged as one of the most robust investments following the 2008 financial crash, and though it’s hard to predict the outcome of the current economic uncertainty, fine wine‘s status as ‘a finite, luxury product with increasing demand’ gives it the ability to maintain something of a consistent performance versus other asset classes.

“Wine consumption continues to rise, and even in markets where future tax implications may have an effect on the wealthy, there remains a healthy appetite for fine wine. It may be time for introspection when it comes to investing in real estate, fine art, classic cars, or even the stock market, but wine seems to remain a safe bet”, said Mr Smith.


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